Take the Weight off with AlterG

The weight of gravity can really do a number on our joints. For seniors, those with certain medical conditions, and athletes, it can be an impediment to physical therapy and training. At Manual Orthopedic Physical Therapy, we can take the weight off with AlterG technology that was originally designed for NASA astronauts.

The AlterG treadmill utilizes differential air pressure (DAP) that allows us to reduce ground reaction forces when walking and running. It can unweight your body anywhere from between 20 to 100 percent at slow, one percent increments to provide you with just the right amount of resistance, depending on your goals.

AlterG offers benefits that include:

  • Protecting healing tissue while still moving the body.
  • Encouraging range of motion that isn’t possible with traditional therapies.
  • Earlier initiation of closed-kinetic chain activity.
  • Preventing the atrophy of muscles that are underutilized.
  • Encouraging a more rapid return of motor control.

Supplementing Care
with AlterG

AlterG is ideal for a wide variety of patients. It is a popular way for runners to train without pain while minimizing the impact on joints and muscles. It is an ideal way for seniors to get exercise, it’s an effective way for those with neurological conditions to improve mobility in a safe environment, and it’s an effective way to rehabilitate lower extremities after an injury or surgery.

Use of the AlterG treadmill may be added to a larger physical therapy treatment plan, but sessions can also be purchased individually, with different price points and times, enabling you to customize a schedule that works for you.

To see the AlterG machine in our Chula Vista offices, or to learn more about how it can help you, contact us today. We can tell you more about how this innovative piece of equipment works, as  well as whether or not it’s the right therapy for you.

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We offer a wide variety of services to athletes, surgical patients, seniors, and anyone who wants to reduce pain and maximize their mobility and function.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Michael Stein & Joe Bailey are the best! They are not only really nice guys, but exceptional therapists. Their organization is, without a doubt, the best in the Chula Vista area.

Roger U. / Facebook

Hands down the best physical therapy facility and treatment I have ever received. The staff is friendly and welcoming and will work with you to ensure that you get better. Overall the best experience I've had with physical therapists!

Bravo P. / Yelp

This office took care of me for almost 10 years, through 4 surgeries getting back to as close to normal as possible considering where I was when I came in. All I learned has helped me to maintain my health for many years, and counting!

Mary Jane W. / Facebook

Being an athlete it was reassuring to know that Mike and Curtis wanted to help me get back to the same level I was performing at in my sport and not just to minimize the pain. They gave me the confidence to return to my sport without fear of reinjury.

Scott G.
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Orthopedic physical therapy is both a science and an art that focuses on improving the function of the human body. Therapeutic techniques can target muscles, bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments, depending on the patient’s unique challenges. It nearly always includes manual, hands-on therapy from a licensed physical or occupational therapist, but a comprehensive approach, like the one offered at MOPT, also includes patient education and individualized therapeutic exercise programs that can be practiced at home. Treatment can also include therapies such as aquatic therapy, acupuncture, and AlterG therapy. When searching for “manual physical therapy near you,” your search starts and ends with MOPT! Allow our licensed physical and occupational therapists to help you improve function, restore flexibility, and enhance your mobility in a friendly and professional patient-centered atmosphere.