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Family support was high school running back’s best medicine.

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Helping hands for injured athletes.

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  1. Gladys Q. Daniels

    I have been getting treatment at the Eastlake Chula Vista facility since 2010. I have Degenerate Lumbar Disease. I have had two surgeries. I have had knee surgery and lumbar rods put in my spine. Joe Baily has been my PT. He is gifted. Not only am I getting the best physical therapy available anywhere but the atmosphere there is friendly and caring. Even with the pain it is good to have a place that feels like a playground/gym that can distract us from our pain while providing the therapy that is making our body better. I highly recommend Manual Orthopedic Physical Therapy for your rehabilitation needs.

  2. Rusty Chang

    Just a quick note to tell you (though I can’t say it was where I always wanted to be) I’m extremely happy how my PT (Physical Therapy)turned out. I know that PT won’t always accelerate the healing process for those folks who have my particular ‘frozen shoulder (both)’ issue, but for myself, I did noticed with the correct manipulation and proper home strenghthening/stretching guidance provided by my therapist (Vera), I was able to gain almost all of my mobility back in just over half the time my primary doctor expected. Many thanks to Mike/Joe/Curtis for running such a great organization and showing me the choice hiking trails, Vera for being my trusted ‘doc’ in her caring attitude and unmatched manipulation skills/sound therapy advice (though I know she probably won’t believe a word I’ve just typed about her), the admin staff for thier endless smiles, and the PT techs who made it all happen. I am recommneding Manual Orthopedics to all my friends who need PT.

    Rusty Chang

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